What do the instalments cover?

The rental of the vehicle and Comprehensive insurance

Do you offer different repayment terms i.e. number of years to repay?


Am I insured?

Yes, fully comprehensive

Is there a tracker on the vehicle?


What happens if I miss a payment deadline?

Car will be recovered and 25% preparation fee will be forfeited

What is the interest rate?

There is no interest rate but a monthly rental fee for a fixed duration of time

What is the deposit required?

25% of the retail value of the vehicle must be paid as an Preparation fee to prepare the vehicle for rental

Is there an early settlement option?

Yes, it will be the full amount of the 48 months minus the insurance costs

Are there any mileage restrictions?


Can you take the vehicle out of South Africa?


what happens if the car breaks down?

A: You will be responsible for the fixing and maintaining of the vehicle

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